Task Order Submission

Task Order Submission

In order for Federal employees with disabilities to continue using Federal Relay services, a Task Order (TO) needs to be submitted to Sprint.

The first step is to read the "Federal Task Order Process" document below which will give the  CO intructions needed to ensure continuation of services.

Federal Task Order Process - Read this first (PDF format)

The Federal Agency's Contract Officer (CO) will need to complete and submit the two forms (#1 and #2) as follows:

  1. Task Order Form

    Complete your agency’s specific Task Order Form, or use GSA's Standard Form 1449 or Optional Form 347 which can be downloaded at www.federalrelay.us in your web browser in the "Task Order" tab. Both forms have been "pre-filled" and all you need to do is update the "red" sections.
  2. Billing Contact Information Form

    Complete the Sprint - Federal Relay Billing Contact Information Form included in Task Order form SF1449 and OF347 below
  3. Submission

    Both forms (Task Order and Billing Contact Information) need to be submitted via fax (913-523-1814) to Sprint - Federal Relay Program Management for review and approval. Task Order forms may also be emailed to federalrelay@sprint.com.  If all documents are completed and in order, it will take Sprint up to 90 days to set up the Agency direct-billing account. The Federal Relay Program Manager will communicate to the GSA and DAR/CO the effective billing date.

For Further Information on Federal Relay and/or contract, go to www.federalrelay.us, call Federal Relay Customer Service at 1-800-877-0996 (Voice/TTY) or email federalrelay@sprint.com. Questions about the change from "centralized" to "direct" billing, contact GSA - Federal Relay Program Office at (703) 306-6308 or patricia.stevens@gsa.gov.

Task Order Form - SF1449

Task Order Form - OF347


Blank task order forms can be found here:

SF1449: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/download/115922


OF347: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/download/115378

Federal Tax ID for Sprint: 43-1408007 (Sprint Communications Co., LP)

DUNS for Sprint: 603493677 (Cage# 5FS99)

Remittance Address for Task Order

Sprint Logo

12502 Sunrise Valley Dr.

Reston, VA 20196

Agency Invoice Submission Options

  • Hardcopy by mail (one address only)
  • Softcopy by email with PDF attachment (recommended)
  • IPP

Agency Invoice Payment Options

  • Check
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Credit Card

Period of Performance

We recommend that your agency's Task Order period of performance date always begin on the 1st of any month to coincide with our billing cycle.