IP Relay

What is IP Relay?

IP Relay uses an Internet connection, a computer or mobile device with a web browser and a Communication Assistant (CA) . An IP user types what they want to say, the CA relays the conversation to their caller and then types their caller's response back to the IP user. To start using IP Relay, users are required to register for a 10-digit number through the Federal IP Relay website. To make your call today, go to www.federalip.us.

Register for a 10-Digit Number:

  1. Visit www.federalip.us and click Register
  2. You will be directed to Sprint Relay Customer Profile/ Call Now Registration (10 Digit Local Number)
  3. Click on Create New Profile/ Call Now Number Registration on the left side of the menu
  4. Follow the instructions to register for IP Relay

10-Digit Numbering

Since March 2009, IP Relay users obtaining ten-digit telephone numbers can make emergency calls through Federal Relay (“default” provider) and have the call, along with their ten-digit number and registered location information, automatically routed to the appropriate public safety answering point, the same E911 call center used by voice telephone users. All 911 emergency calls made through Federal IP Relay must receive priority attention so that they will be answered by the first available Video Interpreter (VI)/Communications Assistant (CA) ahead of all other non-emergency calls.

In addition, with a ten-digit number, voice telephone users calling someone using Federal IP Relay will simply dial the user’s assigned ten-digit telephone number, rather than the Federal  IP Relay access number and the user’s IP address or proxy telephone number.

For instructions on how to obtain a 10-digit number with Federal  IP Relay, please download the appropriate instruction sheet:

Note: Federal IP users are required to register for a 10 digit number 

To Make Your IP Relay Call: 

  1. Go to www.federalip.us
  2. Login with Username and Password
  3. Select the name of the Federal agency
  4. Type the area code and telephone number you want to call 
  5. Optional: Type dialing instructions to the Communication Assistant (CA)
  6. Choose language options: English or Spanish
  7. Click Confirm to connect to Federal IP Relay Service
  8. The CA will connect your call 
  9. The CA will relay/ voice your typed message
  10. The CA will type everything the other person says and will type GA at the end of each response. GA means Go Ahead which means it's your turn to type
  11. When you are ready to end the call, type SK for Stop Keying and click the disconnect button

Hours of Operation: 

  • English and Spanish: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including Federal holidays)